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Item #: OH838B
Part #: H838BID
GTIN: 782644006821
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Channel Plus 3 x 8 H838BID Bi-Directional Amplifier Video Hub Module with 5 - 42 MHz Return Path for CATV Feeds Cable Modems 8 Way Distribution 5 Volt IR Video Distribution Systems

Open House H838BID Bi-Directional Video Hub with 5V IR

The Model H838BID Bi-directional Video Hub with 5-volt IR (for use with cable TV feeds) amplifies the incoming signal and provide outputs to eight television locations in the home. In addition, each has two modulator inputs to add locally generated channels from DVD players, satellite receivers, VCRs, digital cable boxes and front door, back door and babies room cameras. Every TV location in the home receives every cable or antenna channel plus every modulator generated video channel. In addition the Model H838BID has a built-in IR engine which allows infrared remote control of the video equipment from any TV location.

The Model H838BID has a return path for bi-directional CATV, perfect for use with cable modems and pay-per-view boxes.


  • Distributes CATV to eight TVs
  • Two modulator inputs to add locally generated channels (camera or DVD)
  • Bi-directional with a 5-42 MHz return path for cable modems, interactive applications and pay-per-view boxes
  • IR repeating system using 5-volt targets
  • Five enclosure grid spaces
  • Dimensions: 6.25" x 3.25" x 2.25"


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