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Part #: SWM-8
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DIRECTV SWM-8 Way Multiswitch Satellite Dish Single Wire Channel Multi-Switch DIRECTV AU9 / AT9 Antenna Stacker Receiver Multi Switch with SWM-PI Power Supply, Part # SWM8

DIRECTV SWM-8 Single Wire Multi-Switch with SWM-PI Power Supply!!!!

The new SWM-8 allows installers to run an AT9 or AU9 DirecTV satellite antenna plus 2 Flex ports (72.5 & 95) down a single RG6 Coaxial cable! At the end of the single wire a STS-2, STS-4, or STS-8 splitter is required (not included) to distribute the signal to as many as 4 DVR's or 8 HD receivers! Please Note: STS series splitters are specially designed for the SWM-8; you must have an STS-2, STS-4, or STS-8. The SWM-8 is ONLY compatible with the HR20 (Firmware .2042), H21, and HR21. It WILL NOT work with older model DIRECTV receivers.

  • Provides eight (8) independent channels for supporting up to 8 DIRECTV satellite tuners
  • Provides two outputs to serve two customer dwellings (typical)
  • Contains a built-in diplexer for combining off-air signals with DIRECTV satellite signals onto a single home-run wire to the dwelling
  • Provides AGC for the satellite input signal.
  • Die-cast housing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Supports six (6) LNB inputs, each triple-band stacked four ports (Ports 1 - 4) cover existing 99/101, 103/110/119 satellites, plus two Flex Ports (95 sat and 72.5 sat)
  • Uses only 1 RG6 between SWM-8 and STS Splitter (not included)
  • Maximum Distance from SWM8 to Splitter: 200'
  • Power Supply Included

Compatible With:

  • HR21 HD DVR Receivers
  • H21 HD Receiver
  • H20 w/ .2042 Firmware Update


  • Satellite Input Frequency Range: 250 - 2150Mhz
  • Terrestrial & SMATV Input Frequency Range: 54 - 806Mhz
  • Return Path Input Frequency Range: 5 - 40 (CMTS return path must use 33-40 MHz band)
  • Number of Input Ports: 6 Satellite & 1 Terrestrial /SMATV
  • Input Signal Power Level: dBm -45 to -15 dBm per transponder
  • Output Frequency Range: MHz 950 - 2150 (Satellite) & 54 - 806 (Terrestrial & SMATV)
  • SWM Channel frequencies: MHz 950 - 1800 (Channels 1-9)
  • Satellite SWM Module Output Ports: 6 per SWM Module
  • Terr/SMATV/Return SWM Module Output Ports: 1 per SWM Module
  • Output Signal Power Level dBm -31 dBm (min) per SWM channel
  • DC Power: Power Supply (24Vdc, 2.1A)
  • Ground Stud: 1
  • Operating temperature range: C -34 to +52


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