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Part #: SWM5KT
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DIRECTV SWM5-KIT Single Wire Multi-Switch with Power Supply for AT9 or AU9 Satellite Dish Antenna 5 Independent Channel for DIRECTV HD Receivers AU9 / AT9 Antenna Stacker Receiver Multiswitch, Part # SWM5KIT

DIRECTV SWM5-KIT Single Wire Multi-Switch with Power Supply!!!!

The new SWM-5 allows installers to run an AT9 or AU9 DirecTV satellite antenna plus 2 Flex ports (72.5 & 95) down a single RG6 Coaxial cable! At the end of the single wire a SWS-2, SWS-4, or SWS-8 splitter is required (not included) to distribute the signal to as many as 5 HD receivers! (DVRS require 2 lines each)  Please Note: SWS series of splitters are specially designed for the SWM-5; you must have an SWS-2, SWS-4, or SWS-8.

The SWM Port Single Wire Solution is ONLY compatible with the H20, HR20 (Firmware .2042), H21, and HR21. The three "Legacy" ports are compatible with all older Receivers, however, each single tuner receiver using the "Legacy" port requires a cable running directly to the SWM-5 unit. DVRs using the "Legacy" ports require 2 cables coming back to the SWM-5 unit.

  • Provides five (5) independent channels for supporting up to 5 DIRECTV satellite tuners
  • Provides two outputs to serve two customer dwellings
  • Provides AGC for the satellite input signal.
  • Die-cast housing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Supports six (6) LNB inputs, each triple-band stacked four ports (Ports 1 - 4) cover existing 99 / 101, 103 / 110 / 119 satellites, plus two Flex Ports (95 sat and 72.5 sat)
  • Maximum Distance from SWM5 to Splitter: 200
  • Power Supply Included

Compatible With:

  • HR21 HD DVR Receivers
  • H21 HD Receiver
  • HR20 with .2042 Firmware Update
  • H20 with .2042 Firmware Update


  • Satellite Input Frequency Range: 250 - 2150 Mhz
  • Terrestrial & SMATV Input Frequency Range: 54 - 806 Mhz
  • Return Path Input Frequency Range: 5 - 40 (CMTS Return Path must use 33-40 MHz Band)
  • Number of Input Ports: 6 Satellite & 1 Terrestrial / SMATV
  • Input Signal Power Level: dBm -45 to -15 dBm per transponder
  • Output Frequency Range: MHz 950 - 2150 (Satellite) & 54 - 806 (Terrestrial & SMATV)
  • SWM Channel Frequencies: MHz 950 - 1800 (Channels 1-9)
  • Satellite SWM Module Output Ports: 6 per SWM Module
  • Terr / SMATV / Return SWM Module Output Ports: 1 Per SWM Module
  • Output Signal Power Level dBm -31 dBm (Min) Per SWM Channel
  • DC Power: Power Supply (24 VDC, 2.1 A)
  • Ground Stud: 1
  • Operating Temp: C -34 to +52


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