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Fracarro Elika UHF YAGI Directional Antenna LED Tracking LTE Filter 50 FT RG6 Coax Cable

This is NOT the PRO, amplified version.

The Elika antennas are helical antennas of UHF band.

Elika is equipped with Fltro LTE inserted in the radiator dipole and being born from an evolution of the Loop Yagi technology, already adopted in the Sigma antenna, is characterized by the high gain, the extraordinary directivity and the almost total absence of the lateral lobes.

The version is equipped with an integrated dipole pre-amplification that allows automatic gain control ( CAG) and also allows easy aiming by signaling a high brightness LED . To obtain maximum signal quality, simply rotate the antenna to the left and then to the right, identifying the portion of space in which the LED is lit with maximum brightness; placing the antenna in the center you will have the maximum performance for a perfect vision.

This is NOT the PRO, amplified version
TV Antenna Type: UHF
Antenna - Reception band: UHF (IV + V)
Antennas - Maximum Profit: 45 dB
Brand: Fracarro
Fracarro ELIKA Field measurements:

 RF Channel 
 ELIKA Gain(dBd) 
 ELIKA Gain(dBi) 
 31 575  20.1 -5  5 10 12.15
34 593 50.1 -1.5  9.3 10.8 12.95
 41 635 7.1 -2.3 9.2 11.5 13.65
 43 647 56.1 -5.5 6.3 11.8 13.95
 44 653 62.1 -6 4.5 10.5 12.65
 45 659 4.1 -2 8.5 10.5 12.65
 50 689 31.1 -10 0.5  10.5 12.65


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