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Steren BL-526-105 HDMI Display Tester AVA
Steren BL-526-105 HDMI Display Tester AVA AVA: The Audio Video Assurance Tool by Steren Patented Handheld HDMI® Display Tester HDMI® 19-Pin Continuity Testing Full-Color Audio and Video Display Auto-scale Resolutions up to 1080P Two standard HDMI® Input/Output Ports for Cable Continuity Test One additional standard HDMI® Input Port to connect to the Set Top Box One Micro USB Port for the 2300mAH battery to provide 3-4 hours of use time Hybrid Dual Layer (Silicone Rubber/Plastic) Ruggedized Housing Scratch and Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass Display Dirt, Water, and Shock Resistant US PATENT 9,565,427